Tumbleweed (58 gal.)

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Take your yard clippings for a spin! The Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler is a simple way to quickly turn yard and food waste into a homegrown soil amendment, quickly and cleanly. Drop the materials in, turn them a few times per week, and in months — not years — you’ll have gallons of nutrient-dense organic matter to offer your plants. Includes a FREE Kitchen Bucket too!

• Made from recycled, UV-protected plastic
• Spins on a vertical axis for optimal production
• Internal steel bar to help break up clippings and waste
• Excellent for small backyards
• Galvanized steel legs
• Easy-to-open lids
• Smooth tumbling action
• 58-gallon capacity

Dimensions: 33 ½” x 33” x 45”h (fully assembled)
Weight: 30 lbs. empty

Grower’s Tip:
No heavy forking or complicated layering techniques required! For best performance and balance, place on a hard surface or pavers.