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Organic Gardening

Back in the day, organic gardening wasn't a decision or a special choice. It was the way everyone grew their food. Without sheds filled with boxes, cans and bags featuring a skull and crossbones warning, life was simple.

Kids could run barefoot across lawns without checking for a little sign saying, “Keep Off — Recently Treated.” Folks didn't reach for a spray can every time they saw a bug. You could pull a tomato off the vine, wipe it on your shirt and take a bite without thinking twice. Read More

Growing great food took healthy soil, some basic tools, a strong body and some hard-earned know-how.

After World War II, scientists promised better farming through science with less work, better yields and lots of synthetic chemicals. Miracles happened as insect infestations were eliminated and weeds no longer ravaged prime farmland. Crops were abundant … for a time.

Quickly, we discovered that the chemical plan wasn't so tidy. Weeds and pests that survived the first wave of chemicals grew stronger, and the conventional response was to fight back with increasingly powerful insecticides, herbicides and pesticides and ramped-up amounts of fertilizers. The rich heartland topsoil is now packed with a chemical cocktail that runs into the very water we drink.

Today, we're taking the tinker-with-nature experiment even further as we genetically modify plants to handle the barrage of chemicals, producing GMOs with questionable benefits to anything but mega-companies' pocketbooks. And as they grow larger and stronger, it's harder to find any food in the stores that hasn't been grown on massive farms and shipped thousands of miles from where it's grown.

But there is hope.

Many dedicated scientists and farming experts are starting over. We are going back to early wisdom and finding new ways to build strong soil, support hearty plants and grow amazing organic gardens without poisoning our land and ourselves.

They are helping us find ways to grow everything we need close to home, with thoughtful practices and treatments that don't require a full-body suit to apply.

Our children can breathe.

Our water is clear.

Our land is rich and robust.

Growing Organically — a choice to bring sanity, science and sweetness back to our world — brings the good life to your door. Come see what we can offer your garden, your yard and your family.

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