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Proven effective against the #1 cause of wormy apples. NO pesticides needed!
$9.95 $7.95
Open bottom promotes drainage and works with a variety of cell pack inserts.
$2.50 $1.75
A perfect fit when combined with standard 1020 trays and most humidity domes.
$2.50 $1.65
Supplies a 4 x 4 garden space (128 cf) with CO2 for SIX months guaranteed.
$29.95 $17.95
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Our order was shipped and

Our order was shipped and received quickly. We ordered the GnatNix and some sticky pads for a fungus gnat infection in one of our houseplants. The GnatNix did do the trick, but it is not a super-quick solution, it took nearly two weeks before we were gnat-free.
Amanda C.

Fast shipping. Waiting to see

Fast shipping. Waiting to see if bug killer helps Will be months to taste tomatoe . hopeful
Jean W.

Really fast shipping! One of

Really fast shipping! One of the best prices I have found even when the shipping cost is included.
Susan S.

I teach "bokashi composting” as

I teach "bokashi composting” as a community service and at each class one lucky person walks away with a Bokashi Bucket. The last 2 classes I offered the bucket by Planet Natural. It is a solid bucket and in time I will hear from the students who won the bucket as to its quality. For now I give a 5 star, for the bucket / starter combination is the best price I could find anywhere. Thanks Planet Natural for competitive pricing.
Nannette W.
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