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Shipped as egg cases, praying mantis require several weeks of warm temps to hatch.
$14.95$260.95 $13.50$234.95
The original insecticidal soap! Concentrated formula makes 6 gallons of spray.
$9.95$12.95 $6.95$9.95
Grow beautiful, disease-free fruits, vegetables and flowers - without chemicals!
$12.95$19.95 $8.95$13.95
Uses powerful technology to quickly capture this devastating forest pest.
$3.95$12.95 $2.95$8.95
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Great products , great prices

Great products , great prices and fast shipping !
Jessica M.

I definitely am seeing less

I definitely am seeing less flies, yay! Will buy again, excellent pricing and product.
Lana K.

I used the Kaolin Clay

I used the Kaolin Clay and so far so good. I probably did not need so much of it but it will last me awhile.
Donna P.

Purchased it and used it.

Purchased it and used it. Even through I haven't seen the results yet but for the price, it's cheaper than a lot of other places.
Ho N.
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