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Mice (Rodents)

Getting rid of mice in the house can be a dirty business. Avoid inhumane products or exposure to poisonous rodenticides with our selection of the best natural repellents, organic baits and humane mouse traps — we also carry the latest in electronic, sonic pest chasers — to keep your home rodent free.

  • Organic Mouse Bait

    Agrid 3

    This organic pelleted formula contains vitamin D-3 and is effective indoors or out!

    $57.95 $42.25
  • Mouse Bait Station

    Bait Station

    Made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic to withstand the toughest conditions.

    $21.50 $13.10
  • Mouse Trap


    Unique design allows you to safely release mice outside, live and unharmed!

    $14.95 $7.25
  • Mouse Magic

    Mouse Magic

    This potent blend of essential oils provides maximum repellency and protection.

    $9.95 $4.91
  • Sonic PestChaser Rodent Repellent


    Emits safe, high frequency sound waves that will not harm humans, dogs or cats.

    $37.95 $21.45
  • Shake Away Rodent

    Rodent Granules

    This easy to apply, non-toxic formula is SAFE to use inside your home or out.

    $15.95 $8.84
  • Mouse Repellent


    An organic blend of natural oils that mice find unpleasant and prefer to avoid.

    $8.50 $5.25