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Both beginning and experienced growers can start saving garden seed, resulting in substantial annual savings and ever increasing self-sufficiency. Seed saving is not only fun, it’s an important way to perpetuate plants and to ensure the genetic diversity of the world’s food crops, which are eroding at an unprecedented and accelerating rate. To do so successfully, you must be familiar with the basic techniques.

Growing Shell Beans


Heirloom "cooking beans" are nutritious, delicious, and easy to grow.

Old Seed? Or New?


How long seeds last depends on the type of seed and the conditions in which it's stored. Your thrifty Planet Natural ...

Hybrid Sweet Corn - Sweeter Than Ever

Food Safety

But there's no sugar-coating restrictions on its use.

The Whole Seed Catalog: A World of Heirlooms


The Whole Seed Catalog is a compendium of news and information about the growing of heirloom vegetables and flowers.

Saving Tomato Seeds? Ferment!


How to soak tomato seed in its own gel for best germination.

Heirlooms to the Rescue


We often think of saving seeds in literal terms: letting flowers and vegetables go to seed, whether edible at that ...

Why Heirloom Seed?


Imagine growing the same fruits and vegetables as Thomas Jefferson or Luther Burbank. Imagine your garden filled with bright colors, ...

Hybrid Seeds Past & Present


As your friendly, memory-challenged Planet Natural Blogger goes through the newly arrived seed catalogs, he marvels at the latest crop ...

Saving Garden Seeds


Gardeners have been saving seed ever since we settled into one place and started growing our own food. Thanks to ...

The Charm (and Flavors) of Heirloom Vegetables


Practical and Aesthetic Reasons for Growing America's Heritage Vegetables.

Saving Flower Seeds


Save your own garden seed for planting next year. Here's how. One of the last -- and most meaningful -- end-of-season ...

The Heirloom Life Gardener


The Baker Creek Way of Growing Your Own Food Easily and Naturally