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Potting Soil

Great potting soil is not just black stuff from the earth. It’s complex combination of minerals, micronutrients, beneficial bacteria and decomposed organic matter that creates a foundation that supports all life.

Forgive us for sounding poetic about dirt, but we treasure rich, chemical-free growing material. So we carry all sorts of formulations to support great root development, excellent aeration and optimal water retention for any plant’s needs. Read More

We have specialty blends for orchids and cactus, straight-up worm castings for high-octane nutrition, coconut fiber for excellent soil texture, and of course, premium seed starting medium. If you want to mix your own potting soil or remedy a specific deficiency, we have additives that can help, like vermiculite, sphagnum moss, and even buffalo compost!

We ship huge bales of planting mix for commercial growers and small bags of custom seed starter for home gardeners. Our carefully chosen selection has a ready-to-go solution for you!