Clothes Moth Alert

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Say goodbye to smelly mothballs! Safer Brand Clothes Moth Alert contains a powerful pheromone lure to monitor as well as control these destructive pests. For best results, replace traps every 12 weeks.

Available size: 2-Pack

Hang at eye level in closets and rooms to be protected. Pay special attention to items containing wool, cashmere or other animal hair. Use one or two traps for an average room.

If pests are found, clothing should be thoroughly cleaned in a washing machine or by dry cleaning. You may also freeze items for a week in a standard freezer. Rugs and furniture should be steam-cleaned or treated by a pest control expert.

Grower’s Tip:
This product is designed to alert you to a potential problem and is designed to trap adult moths, NOT the larvae which do the actual damage.

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