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Landscape Design

Stunning, water-smart gardens don’t just happen — they’re planned.

Our guides on intelligent landscape design will help you place plants for optimal visual impact, use water resources wisely, choose the right plant for the right place, and put your unique mark on your property. Turn your place into an eco-oasis!

Creeping Charlie AKA Ground Ivy - Everything You Need to Know

Ground Cover

Creeping Charlie, or ground ivy, is an invasive nuisance ground cover that can quickly overpower grass and ornamental plants.  This groundcover ...

14 Essential Things to Know Before Considering a Clover Lawn

Ground Cover

If you're tired of mowing your turf lawn all the time and fretting about watering regularly to keep it green, ...

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Red Creeping Thyme


Red creeping thyme (Thymus praecox) spreads quickly to make a lush carpet of small leaves and bright blooms! When touched ...

Creeping Thyme Lawn (Pros and Cons and How to Plant)


Here's how to grow this attractive, drought-resistant herb instead of grass.

Terrace Farming: Benefits, Drawbacks, and How to Get Started

Garden Design

If your property tilts as much or more as it runs level, you might want to consider terrace gardening.

Holly for the Holidays


Find the right kind of holly for your landscape and grow it!

Tips To Keep Your Landscape Green

Landscape Design

Healthy lawns and gardens save water, stay attractive. Here's how to grow green all summer long.

Tips To Conserve Water This Summer


Lawn and garden watering jumps in the summer. Here's how to save water and money at the same time.

Rain Garden Design


How to design environmentally friendly, water-efficient gardens using natural rainfall.

Rainwater Harvesting


How to reduce water use, save money, and fight drought by harvesting and collecting rainwater.

Take Action To Save Pollinators

Beneficial Insects

Plants that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden can help save them.

Artichokes From the Organic Garden


Growing artichokes as edibles or ornamentals at home.