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Landscape Design

Growing Holly for the Holidays


Find the right kind of holly for your landscape and grow it! We love the ever-green, natural plants associated with the ...

Tips To Keep Your Landscape Green

Landscape Design

Healthy lawns and gardens save water, stay attractive. Here's how to grow green all summer long.

Tips To Save Water This Summer


Lawn and garden watering jumps in the summer. Here's how to save water and money at the same time.

Rain Garden Design


Learn how to design environmentally friendly, water-efficient gardens using natural rainfall.

Rainwater Harvesting


How to reduce water use, save money, and fight drought by harvesting and collecting rainwater.

Take Action To Save Pollinators

Beneficial Insects

Plants that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden can help save them.

Organic Artichokes For the Garden


Growing artichokes as edibles or ornamentals at home. Artichokes, once the domain of cool, coastal climates and inland areas of moderate ...

Rewilding Your Home Landscape


Gardening with nature in mind's new buzz word. What is "rewilding?" Valerie Easton's Natural Gardener column in a recent issue of ...

Growing Self- Seeding Perennial Flowers

Flower Gardens

Easy-to-grow, beautiful perennials are an attractive way to fill-in landscape space. Flowering perennials are a good-news, bad-news sort of thing when ...

Planning A Kitchen Garden

Garden Design

How to grow greens and other vegetables right outside your back door.

Designing A Flower Bed

Flower Gardens

What to consider when planning borders and flower garden designs. Considering my outdoor landscape and making some changes wasn't an official ...

The Art of Outdoor Container Growing

Container Gardens

Choosing pots, plants and places to create beautiful landscapes with containers.

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