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Plant Propagation

We all want more of a good thing. Fortunately, there are wonderful plant propagation tools for helping gardeners take cuttings/clones of their favorite – or profitable – plants and grow more of them, successfully and easily.

Stimulating root growth is the name of the game. We carry rooting hormone for hardwood and softwood starts plus formulas for any application – solutions, foliar spays and gels. They all help tender cuttings flip the switch from making stem cells to building root cells. Read More

Next, cuttings need a stable place for roots to grow. This can be in a ready-to-go plug of growing medium or a covered seedling tray that retains essential moisture and heat. A soil-free cloning machine will deliver amazing results in an aeroponic system, which maximizes root development and minimizes transplant shock.

Want to take plant propagation to the next level? Add in some mycorrhizal fungi that work with roots, improving nutrient uptake and conversion. Plants develop a robust root system that protects them their whole lives.

We’ve selected the best products that deliver reliable results, so give our savvy sales staff a call to select the equipment for your needs.

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