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Planting Kits

Get your children, grand children, nephews, nieces and their friends growing smart with these fun planting kits designed just for kids. They’ll learn what it takes to raise their own seedlings while gaining good work habits and a sense of responsibility. And don’t forget: Gardening kits make great gifts.

  • Stone Soup Gardening Kit 1

    Stone Soup

    This fun-filled gift will grow with your child and provide valuable life lessons.

    $24.95 $15.65
  • Mushroom Kit

    Mushroom Garden

    Easy. Fun. Delicious. Produces 1.5 lbs of gourmet oyster mushrooms in two weeks!

    $24.95 $14.00
  • The Sprout Garden 1

    3-Tray Garden

    A 3-tray stacking system that can grow several health-giving crops at one time.

    $29.95 $16.13
  • Apple Tree-To-Be

    Apple Tree-To-Be

    Contains everything you need to start your own apple tree from seed.

    $24.95 $12.00
  • Organic Catnip 1


    A member of the mint family, catnip has long been grown for its euphoric effect. Organic.

    $3.95 $2.05
  • Organic Dog Grass 1

    Dog Grass

    Easy to grow, organic barley grass serves as a natural detoxifier and deodorizer.

    $3.95 $1.60
  • Bamboo Grow Pot


    Includes everything you need to get started. Just add water and sunlight!

    $19.95 $10.00
  • The Secret Garden Kit 1

    The Secret Garden

    A gorgeous gift for any level of gardener! Contains ALL you need to get started.

    $24.95 $15.65