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Heirloom eggplant comes in shapes and colors you’ve never seen in the grocery store. Their beautiful velvety leaves and stunning blossoms yields meaty fruits favored by vegetarians. Start indoors eight weeks before the last frost.

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  • Eggplant, Applegreen 1

    Apple Green

    Incredibly delicious with smooth round fruit growing on compact plants.

  • Black Beauty Eggplant

    Black Beauty

    Full flavored and glossy with a reputation for going gangbusters in the garden.

  • Casper Eggplant


    Originally from France, these compact plants produce stunning ivory fruits.

  • Diamond Eggplant


    Dark purple fruits are slender and firm with superb flavor. A best seller!

  • Eggplant, Jade Sweet

    Jade Sweet

    Attractive fruits with apple-green skin are very large and productive.

  • Eggplant, Japanese Pickling 1

    Japanese Pickling

    A beautiful variety that produces fruit up to 16 inches long. Great for home gardens.

  • Eggplant, Japanese White 1

    Japanese White

    Full, rich flavor with lovely white fruit make this Japanese variety a favorite.

  • Eggplant, Korean Red

    Korean Red

    Compact plants grow up to 3 feet tall and yield delicious, early maturing fruits.

  • Eggplant, Listada de Gandia

    Listada de Gandia (Organic)

    One of the best available! This beautiful Italian variety is reliable with heavy yields.

  • Eggplant, Little Fingers 1

    Little Fingers

    Small, purple to black colored fruits are produced in clusters on compact plants.

  • Eggplant, Ping Tung 1

    Ping Tung

    One of the best Chinese types available today! Fruits are mild, sweet and tender.

  • Eggplant, Udumalapet

    Udumalapet (Organic)

    Great for chutneys and curries! These dark purple fruits ripen to golden-yellow.