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If you’re growing indoors, hydroponics is the ticket to impressive growth and yields. This 21st century approach virtually eliminates the guesswork in watering, fertilizing and disease control, so you spend less time and effort producing robust plants.

The magic in these efficient systems is basic plant science. Growing mediums like clay pebble, coconut coir, rock wool and even recycled glass allow the maximum amount of oxygen, offering the ideal uptake of nutrients every hour. Aeroponic systems, which deliver mist to suspended plant roots, take this concept to the next level. No more mistakes that leave a waterlogged or bone dry environment! Read More

Simple, precise solutions circulate through the setup using pumps and timers, so there’s virtually no waste. Your tomato, herb and flower starts get the best, low-maintenance care year-round, with results that definitely outpace traditional methods.

If you’re checking out hydroponic growing for the first time, here are a few tips for getting a store-bought system that fits you.

  1. Technology is your friend. Don’t get intimidated looking at tubes, filters and specialized trays. You won’t believe how easy and intuitive the process is!
  2. Know what you want to grow. The containers are flexible, but if you start with a solid idea of what you want to produce, selections like growing medium, tray size and nutrients will be quick and painless.
  3. Know your lighting. Indoor plants depend on you for light as well as water, so having a sense of how much space your lights can cover is key. If you also need grow lights, please take a look at our selection.

We’re here to make choosing the right hydroponic system as easy as using it. If you’re new to this facet of indoor gardening, give our staff a call. We’ve walked many first-timers through the selection process to create a customized, straightforward indoor garden.

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