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Spring, summer, autumn, and even winter bring beauty to the garden.

Whether you’re growing vegetables or flowers, fruit or nursery stock, indoor crops or for market, planning your garden care throughout the year starts here. We’ve got you covered on advice and equipment, from planting the first seed to harvesting the bounty.

Why Heirloom Seed?


Planting and growing heirlooms can be one of the most satisfying gardening — and eating! — experiences you’ll have.

Seasonal Garden Care


Caring for your garden is a year-round activity, its rhythms dictated by seasonal conditions and local climates.

Tips to Guarantee Canning Success

Harvest & Storage

How to can fruits and vegetables safely and effectively at home.

Garden Planning & Design


Design your best gardens ever with our eye-catching tips, ideas and plant recommendations.

Four Season Harvest

Video Channel

With a few tweaks to your veggie plot, you can harvest fresh produce nearly year-round. Learn how here.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting/ Planting

Starting plants from seed just might be the second most enjoyable act of procreation you’ll ever experience.

Garden Calendar

Best Garden Veggies To Over-Winter


Ordering seeds? Don't forget vegetables for fall planting and winter gardens.

Tips for Successful Winter Composting


How to compost your kitchen scraps and other green waste over the winter months.

Fall Mulching Tips

Compost & Soil

Learn how to protect your plants and nourish your soil ahead of the cold winter months.

Garden Design

Raised Bed Gardening 101

Garden Design

Tips and techniques for high-yield, raised bed vegetable gardens.

Terrace Farming: Benefits, Drawbacks, and How to Get Started

Garden Design

If your property tilts as much or more as it runs level, you might want to consider terrace gardening.

Aquaponics 101

Garden Design

Growing vegetables and raising fish in a sustainable garden system.

Harvest & Storage

Storing the Harvest: Drying Fruits and Vegetables


Drying fruits and vegetables has distinct advantages over canning, freezing or other preserving methods.

How to Guarantee Home Canning Success


Learn how to can fruits and vegetables safely and effectively in your own home.

What's Left In the Root Cellar


Using, not losing, what remains of last year's harvest.


Bayer and Monsanto Tie the Knot

Food Safety

Global seed and chemical giants merge in effort to control markets, world opinion on pesticides and GMOs.

Best Garden Veggies To Over-Winter


Ordering seeds? Don't forget vegetables for fall planting and winter gardens.

Stratify Seeds to Improve Germination

Flower Gardens

Refrigerate seeds before planting to improve germination.

Tools & Equipment

Gardening and the Five-Gallon Bucket

Container Gardens

Chores, container gardens, hydroponics and other uses for 5 gallon buckets.

Legume Inoculants Boost Yields, Keep Plants Healthy

Compost & Soil

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria and organic compost for peas, beans and healthy soil.

The Tools You Need To Garden


How to select and care for our favorite gardening tools.