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Blossoming flowers and ripening fruit mean it’s summer!

The garden is changing every day, and there’s always one more project that needs attention. Here’s an abundance of resources to help you stay on top of watering, weeding, pest control and lawn care!

Mid-Summer Garden News


We're growing great greens, cheering beneficial insects, and planning succession planting half-way into the summer garden.

Tips To Conserve Water This Summer


Lawn and garden watering jumps in the summer. Here's how to save water and money at the same time.

Save Water On Your Lawn

Garden Calendar

Tips for using less water when city restrictions demand it.

Tomato Patrol

Common Pests

Organic tomato pest control means watching out for a fat green worm -- with a horn!

Garden Tasks for August

Garden Calendar

Grow great vegetables and beautiful blooms with this gardener's to-do list for August.

Summer Flowers For Color

Flower Gardens

Here's how to keep beautiful annual and perennial flowers blooming in your garden all season long.

Garden Tasks for July

Garden Calendar

Weeding, watering and organic pest control top our gardener's to-do list for July.

Melon Growing Problems

Common Pests

Dealing with melon pests and disease problems... organically.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Garden Calendar

No matter where we live, it’s time to review some lawn mowing tips and tricks.

Spring & Summer Cover Crops

Compost & Soil

How planting an early season cover crop can benefit your organic garden.

Saving Flower Seeds


Collect your own flower seed for planting next year. Here's how.

Homegrown Tomato Time


Whether heirlooms or hybrids, tomatoes from your garden taste best.