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A top-quality grow light ballast converts electricity from standard outlets into the voltage needed to start and operate high intensity plant lighting. Our extensive selection allows you to shop for the best equipment that fits your needs and budget, whether high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), magnetic coil or digital (electronic) — and in the wattage you desire! Just starting out or want to make sure you’ve made the perfect choice? Give us a call.

Psst! Buying several HID lights and looking for a discount? We offer special commercial pricing on larger orders and can drop ship direct from the manufacturer… so you save big!
  • Old School Special (1000W HPS) 1

    Old School Special

    Combines two tried and true staples of the indoor gardening market.

    $339.95 $227.95
  • Phantom-2 E-Ballast

    Phantom II (600W & 1000W)

    Smart, reliable and innovative, the NEW Phantom series represents quality.

    $249.95 $173.95
  • XtraSun Special

    Budget Bundle

    Get more sun for your money with our discounted digital deal.

    $277.95 $235.95
  • All System Cord Set

    Cord Set w/ Socket

    All-in-one design works with ANY wattage and adjusts for maximum reflectivity.

    $29.95 $26.95
  • Hydrofarm Light Special (Ballast & Bulb)

    HPS Special

    Pssst! Tell your friends that you got this WICKED GOOD deal at Planet Natural.

    $369.95 $254.95
  • Lumatek Ballast (1000 watt) 1

    Lumatek (1000w)

    Now includes Dial-A-Watt technology, plus a SUPER LUMENS switch.

    $359.95 $292.50
  • Lumatek Ballast

    Lumatek (120/240V Dimmable)

    Produces up to 30% more light output (lumens) while drawing less electricity.

    $143.50 $113.50
  • Lumatek Dual 600 Watt Ballast 1

    Lumatek Dual 600w

    Incorporates TWO 600 watt outputs into one enclosure — 240 volt only!

    $445.95 $314.50
  • Nanolux Dual 600W Ballast

    Nanolux Dual 600w

    Runs multiple lamps, features a dimmer option, and includes plenty of safety backups.

    $239.95 $215.95
  • Phantom Ballast

    Phantom (250W & 400W)

    Features silent operation, a lightweight design and maximum lumen output.

    $164.95 $133.95
  • Powerhouse Ballast

    Powerhouse HPS

    Built of superior quality! Powerhouse runs cooler than other brands.

    $230.00 $115.50
  • Powerhouse Ballast 480v

    Powerhouse HPS (480V)

    The 480v Powerhouse (HPS only) is ideal for large-scale commercial applications.

    $320.00 $259.50
  • Powerhouse Ballast

    Powerhouse MH

    The coolest running brand on the market with an ultra-quiet ISO-mount silencer.

    $210.00 $169.95
  • Powerhouse Ballast

    Powerhouse MH/HPS

    Use halide for growing and sodium for flowering — all in the same powerful system!

    $300.00 $242.95
  • Quantum Ballast


    Designed to meet the most demanding requirements of indoor gardeners.

    $159.95 $109.95
  • SG Ballast MH/HPS

    SG (MH/HPS – 1000W)

    Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it stinks! Available in 1000 watt only.

    $139.95 $114.95
  • Xtrasun Ballast

    Xtrasun HPS

    The best in its class! Xtrasun is a favorite for long-life and top-notch performance.

    $159.95 $119.95
  • Xtrasun Ballast

    Xtrasun MH

    Dual voltage and super affordable! Reap the rewards without breaking your budget.

    $179.95 $134.95
  • Xtrasun Ballast

    Xtrasun MH/HPS

    Heavy duty two-way switch allows you to choose the light you want to use.

    $209.95 $145.95
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