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Harvest & Storage

Storing the Harvest: Drying Fruits and Vegetables


Drying fruits and vegetables has distinct advantages over canning, freezing or other preserving methods.

Tips to Guarantee Canning Success


Learn how to can fruits and vegetables safely and effectively in your own home.

What's Left In the Root Cellar


Using, not losing, what remains of last year's harvest.

Picking, Cooking Sweet Corn


Growing great, organic sweet corn? Know when to harvest. We've been offered sweet corn from a road side stand that wasn't ...

Precautions When Canning Tomatoes


Water-bath canning techniques may no longer be safe.

Winter Squash For the Keeping


Tips for harvesting and storing squash grown in your garden. We've had gardens big and small but all of them this ...

Drying Herbs


Guarantee the herbs you grow are preserved at the peak of their flavor. Here's how.

Garlic Scapes

Garden Calendar

Harvesting young garlic stems not only benefits your kitchen, it makes the bulbs grow big. This Memorial Day weekend, along side ...