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The end of the growing season is one of the busiest times in a garden.

Harvest produce. Plant bulbs. Can tomatoes. Rake leaves. Turn the compost pile. Add mulch.

Learn how to do it all from our extensive gardening guides that are packed full of advice you’ll come back to every year.

Best Garden Veggies To Over-Winter


Ordering seeds? Don't forget vegetables for fall planting and winter gardens.

Fall Mulching Tips

Compost & Soil

Learn how to protect your plants and nourish your soil ahead of the cold winter months.

Fall Is the Time To Plant Lilies


Lilies are among the most beautiful and fragrant flowers in the garden. Here's how and when to plant them.

How to Guarantee Home Canning Success


Learn how to can fruits and vegetables safely and effectively in your own home.

Late Season Bulb Planting


Tips and techniques for planting your favorite fall flower bulbs.

Fall Soil Preparation

Compost & Soil

Autumn's the time to soil test, clean out pests and add amendments.

Winterize Your Vegetable Garden

Bugs & Thugs

Cleaning out garden debris also takes out harmful insect eggs and larvae for next season.

Forcing Bulbs for Winter Color -- Indoors


Planning and proper planting can put beautiful blossoms in your home for the holidays.

Starting a Home Orchard: Plan Ahead


Now's the time to consider planting fruit trees in the spring.

Garden Tasks for November


The growing season isn't over until the ground freezes.

Composting Leaves


How to turn fall leaves into your best gardens ever.

Late-Season, Cold Hardy Cover Crops

Compost & Soil

Protect, nourish garden soil by growing organic, winter cover crops.