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Early Season Fruit Thinning

Fruits & Berries

Thinning emerging apples, peaches and other fruits early in the season improves size, quality and future blooming.

Starting a Strawberry Patch

Fruits & Berries

Growing a strawberry patch takes good soil and advanced planning.

Be Ready For Garden Pests

Bugs & Thugs

Preventive measures now stop insect pests and disease problems later. When it comes to garden pests, it pays to be proactive ...

Start an Organic Asparagus Patch

Garden Calendar

Nothing says spring like steamed, green spears of organic garden asparagus. When I was a kid, we had an asparagus bed out ...

Timing Important for Pest and Disease Problems

Bugs & Thugs

Spring is the time to deal with caterpillars, black spot on roses, and other plant problems.

Springtime Care of Roses

Garden Calendar

Pruning and fertilizing of rose bushes rewards with rich, sumptuous blooms.

Plant Now For New Spring Potatoes

Garden Calendar

How to grow tender, young "new potatoes" right in your own garden. "New potatoes," those harvested small and early, are all ...

April Lawn and Garden Tasks

Garden Calendar

Get a good start on the growing season with these spring-time, how-to yard and garden chores. Is April the garden's busiest ...

Tips and Tricks For Spring Garden Planting

Garden Calendar

Here's how to get your vegetable garden off to a great, early start. Even if much of the country is still ...

Tips for Planting A Bare Root Tree

Fruits & Berries

The advantages of buying -- and when to plant -- bare root trees and shrubs.

Tomato Planting Techniques

Garden Calendar

Transplanting tomato starts changes root structure. Here's how to best plant tomatoes.

Worm-Like Parasite Attacks Insect Pests

Beneficial Insects

These microscopic soil predators control lawn grubs and all kinds of garden pests.

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