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Local Governments Seek To Ban Pesticides, Herbicides


Cities, counties and states take on dangerous pesticides. Why doesn't Congress take a hint?

EPA Says Neonicotinoids Harm Bees

Beneficial Insects

Pesticide manufacturer Bayer attacks study, then backs down.

Tide Turning Against Harmful Chemicals


Pesticides singled out as dangerous, especially to mothers and children.

Pesticides Found Harmful To Children's Lungs


Widely used pesticides decrease childhood breathing function.

War Against Bee Science

Beneficial Insects

Scientist investigating neonicotinoid pesticides and pollinators accuses USDA of intimidation.

USDA Program For Bees Not Enough

Beneficial Insects

Government needs to address the real problems behind bee decline.

Neem Benefits

Bugs & Thugs

How to use neem oil and its extracts to stop most insect pests organically.

New Study Finds Pesticide In Pollen, Honey


Most hives, honeybees examined in state study found to carry neonicotinoids, the pesticides linked to colony collapse disorder. A new study ...

Bees Still In Peril

Beneficial Insects

Bee deaths accelerate again this year.

Roundup Linked To Cancer, Monsanto Throws Hissy-Fit


World Health Organization review of pesticide used on GMOs attacked.

World Health Organization Links Roundup and Cancer


New glyphosate review finds it a probable cause of lymphoma, chromosome damage.

Apples Lead New "Dirty Dozen" Pesticide Report

Food Safety

Which non-organic fruits and vegetables to avoid, plus a "Clean Fifteen." The Environmental Working Group's Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce -- the ...

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