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Put down that bottle and find a safer solution to your insect problems.

It’s easy to think that a few squirts of a chemical will eliminate whatever is destroying your produce. This collection of articles will help you work with natural soil additives, beneficial insects and other strategies to create solutions that will save your plants now and into the future.

Are Roach Bombs Worth Using? What are the Common Problems?

Common Pests

Roach bombs, also known as bug bombs or foggers, are a common method used to deal with roach infestations. These devices, ...

Bed Bug Bombs and Foggers: Do They Work? (Research Backed)

Common Pests

Bed bug infestations can be a nightmare for any homeowner. They are notoriously difficult to eliminate, often requiring professional help. ...

Guano: What Is It + How to Use It in Your Home Gardens

Compost & Soil

Guano, often known as bird or bat droppings, is a potent organic fertilizer that has been used in agriculture for ...

The 11 Best Bed Bug Spray of 2024 (And What to Look For)

Common Pests

Bed bug sprays can be an effective and long-lasting solution to your bed bug problems, but not all of them ...

What Do Ladybugs Eat? Complete Guide to Ladybug Diet

Beneficial Insects

You may be wondering “what do ladybugs eat?” Ladybugs feed on a wide variety of small insects and insect eggs. ...

Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt): What Is It and How to Use it?

Pest Control

The difference between the Bt used by organic farmers and that inserted into Monsanto’s GMO corn is dramatic.

Neem Oil for Plants: How and When to Use It on Plants

Pest Control

How to use neem oil and its extracts to stop most insect pests organically.

EPA Says Neonicotinoids Harm Bees

Beneficial Insects

Pesticide manufacturer Bayer attacks study, then backs down.

Tide Turning Against Harmful Chemicals


Pesticides singled out as dangerous, especially to mothers and children.

Pesticides Found Harmful To Children's Lungs


Widely used pesticides decrease childhood breathing function.

War Against Bee Science

Beneficial Insects

Scientist investigating neonicotinoid pesticides and pollinators accuses USDA of intimidation.

USDA Program For Bees Not Enough

Beneficial Insects

Government needs to address the real problems behind bee decline.