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Water Purification

Water is the life blood of all growing things. Make sure the water you’re using is free of harmful chlorine, sodium and other dissolved solids that may limit plant growth and blooming due to nutrient lock-out. The water purification systems we have for sale — both filter and reverse osmosis (RO) types — are the best available and will help your hydroponics garden reach its full potential.

Note: Replacement filters and RO membranes are available from the product drop down menus. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filter (Stealth-RO200)

    Stealth 200

    Stop the guesswork and prevent nutrient lock-out with the Stealth 200 RO system.

    $314.95 $289.95
  • Reverse Osmosis System (3-Stage/ 100 GPD)

    Active Aqua 100

    The Active Aqua 100 reverse osmosis filter arrives ready to use and is easy-to-hookup.

    $184.95 $169.95
  • Reverse Osmosis System (4-Stage/ 200 GPD)

    Active Aqua 200

    This commercial-grade water filtration system is best for most applications.

    $249.95 $224.95
  • Reverse Osmosis System (5-Stage/ 300 GPD)

    Active Aqua 300

    Fast flow rates (300 gal/day) are ideal for drinking, cooking, hydroponics and more.

    $314.95 $289.95
  • Big Boy De-Chlorinator & Sediment Filter

    Big Boy

    Includes high flow rates of 420 gal/ hour and a very long life of 25,000 gallons.

    $439.95 $394.95
  • De-Chlorinator (10-Inch)

    De-Chlorinator (10 in.)

    Removes up to 99% of chlorine and 97% of sediment from tap and well water.

    $79.95 $71.95
  • Active Aqua De-Chlorinator (20-Inch)

    De-Chlorinator (20 in.)

    This dual dechlorinator is required equipment when making compost teas.

    $169.95 $154.95
  • Evolution-RO 1000 Reverse Osmosis System

    Evolution 1000

    Removes more than 95% of impurities to give you yet another growing advantage.

    $789.95 $744.95
  • Hyper-Logic RO System

    Hyper-Logic 2000

    Suitable for multiple applications, including hydroponics and breweries.

  • mall Boy De-Chlorinator & Sediment Filter

    Small Boy

    Removes up to 99% of chlorine to keep micro-organisms alive and healthy.

    $106.95 $96.95
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter (Stealth-RO100)

    Stealth 100

    The Stealth 100 removes up to 99% of contaminants and other impurities.

    $224.95 $204.95
  • UV Sterilizer Kit for Stealth 100/200

    UV Sterilizer

    This ultra violet sterilizer will kill all living bacteria, viruses, cysts and pathogens.

    $99.95 $89.95