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Garden chores never really end — they just slow down a bit.

In winter, we’re fine tuning our plans for the spring and scheming how we can in cram one more planting this season. If you don’t want the garden fun to end, check here to learn how to extend your gardening season, care for evergreens, care for your overwintering plants and more.

Winter Greenhouse Guide: How to Heat Your Greenhouse + More!


Keep your winter greenhouse productive with these heating and heat-conserving ideas.

Tips for Successful Winter Composting


How to compost your kitchen scraps and other green waste over the winter months.

Stratify Seeds to Improve Germination

Flower Gardens

Refrigerate seeds before planting to improve germination.

Plant A Winter Garden Patch

Garden Calendar

Take advantage of warm winter weather to sow kale, spinach, and other greens for early spring harvest. Here's how.

Supplies For Seed Starting Success

Garden Calendar

Now’s the time to gather up what you’ll need for growing vegetable and flower seeds indoors.

Winter Houseplant Care: Balanced Conditions

Garden Calendar

Consider the interrelationship of light, water, humidity and temperature when growing indoors.

Keeping Mice From Your Compost Heap

Common Pests

Mice in your compost bin can be a problem year-round, but especially in the winter.

Bring the Kitchen Garden Indoors

Garden Calendar

Elizabeth Millard's new book teaches us how to grow herbs, greens and sprouts inside during winter months.

Conifers In the Winter Landscape

Garden Calendar

Growing evergreens takes planning, care … and water.

Winter Gardening


Protecting garden soil and starting vegetable seed outdoors in the dead of winter.

Ornamental Berries for the Holidays

Garden Calendar

Red holly and ornamental berries of all hues bring color to winter gardens.

Winter Care for Houseplants

Garden Calendar

Light and humidity help plants thrive indoors during the cold, dark months.