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Ground Cover

Skip the cedar bark or ubiquitous juniper. There are better ways to discourage weeds and cover soil beautifully.

Attractive ground covers come in all sorts of colors and textures. Our guides can help you choose the right one to match your climate — and even reduce the amount of grass you need to mow!

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Red Creeping Thyme


Red creeping thyme (Thymus praecox) spreads quickly to make a lush carpet of small leaves and bright blooms! When touched ...

Creeping Thyme Lawn (Pros and Cons and How to Plant)


Here's how to grow this attractive, drought-resistant herb instead of grass.

Learning To Love Moss

Ground Cover

Easy to grow and care for, moss can make green carpets under shade trees, provide color and texture to rock gardens, or replace entire lawns.

Beauty Bark or Living Ground Cover?

Compost & Soil

We love mulch, but why not fill empty space with something green and living?

Lawns . . . Or No-Mow Yards?

Ground Cover

There are any number of lawn alternatives that require less work and water than grass.