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LED Kits

LED grow lights are the biggest advance in indoor gardening in years! These tiny, powerful light-emitting diodes have the ability to outdo fluorescent systems and give HID (High Intensity Discharge) setups a run for their money – literally – through energy savings. Here’s what growers love about them. Read More

Cheaper to operate

LEDs produce almost no heat, which means that almost all of the energy that comes through the power cord goes directly onto your plants. This allows the bulbs, which are estimated to be 30% or more efficient than the standard options, to go directly above the plant canopy without fear of scorching leaves or drying out the soil. In warm rooms and climates, this can add additional savings on your monthly utility bills because you won’t need to run cooling fans or air conditioners!

Yes, you will have to pay more up front for these advantages, but you also get more durable equipment. Some companies are guaranteeing their products for five years, which saves replacement costs, space in our landfills and the use of toxic materials like mercury.


Many top-quality HID plant lights have special ballasts, wiring or converters. Not LED kits. Just plug and go! And they can last many times longer, which reduces your overhead costs and the hassle of managing miscellaneous pieces and parts!

Perfect spectrum for plants

Early prototypes had a hard time mimicking the precise wavelengths that are essential for lush plant growth. After a few years of tinkering, manufacturers have made amazing progress. Now, you can customize the settings to boost flowers and vegetation, sometimes just by turning a dial!

As always, we’ve selected the most durable, functional and best systems for your dollar. If you need help choosing the gear that perfectly fits your growing needs, give us a call.