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Symbol of summer and a kids’ favorite, sunflowers can grow to impressive heights or be just knee-high depending on the variety. All have big, lusciously colored blossoms that vary from the traditional yellow and orange to cream and tan. Plant them in full sun and in rich soil on the north side of the garden so they won’t shade other plants. Can be planted a week or two ahead of the last frost to give them a jump-start.

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  • Sunflower, Tarahumara White Seeded 1


    Yields masses of solid-gold blooms! Plants are tolerant of less than ideal conditions.

  • Sunflower, Lemon Queen 1

    Lemon Queen

    Produces an abundance of multiple blooms with large lemon-yellow petals …

  • Sunflower, Orange Sun 1

    Orange Sun

    Exploding with color these almost entirely double flowers have a unique …

  • Sunflower, Ring of Fire 1

    Ring of Fire

    An excellent variety for cut flowers. Dark-centered blooms are 4-5″ across with …

  • Sunflower Mix 1

    Sunflower Mix

    Extended blooms provide a nice supply of colors from July until frost.

  • Sunflower, Torch 1


    A favorite! Fiery orange flowers attract lots of butterflies all summer long.

  • Sunflower, Valentine 1


    Beautiful primrose-yellow petals with rounded tips are one of the very best …

  • Sunflower, Velvet Queen 1

    Velvet Queen

    This striking plant has velvety, dark mahogany-red petals with an almost …