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Tools & Equipment

We like to keep things simple, but the right equipment really does save you time and money.

We’ve written articles on our favorite choices so you don’t struggle finding the best solution to gardening jobs. Find tips for mowing your lawn, protecting plants from heat and wind, caring for your tools and more.

Gardening and the Five-Gallon Bucket

Container Gardens

Chores, container gardens, hydroponics and other uses for 5 gallon buckets.

Legume Inoculants Boost Yields, Keep Plants Healthy

Compost & Soil

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria and organic compost for peas, beans and healthy soil.

The Tools You Need To Garden


How to select and care for our favorite gardening tools.

New Technology and Old Time Gardening


Solar-powered monitoring and control of garden conditions holds promise.

Cold Frames: A Year Round Gardening Tool


Give your garden plants a head-start and shelter from chilly spring weather with a versatile cold frame.

Pea Trellises: Form and Function

Garden Design

Attractive, effective ideas for making a trellis that will support peas.

Cold Frame -- Hot Box


Extend your growing season by putting a layer of protection between your plants and the elements.

Reel Mowing Tips

Healthy Lawns

Whether you're new to lawn care or a seasoned expert, our collection of 25 reel mowing tips should help. Enjoy!

How I Learned to Love My Reel Mower

Healthy Lawns

All you need to know about buying and using a push reel mower.

Tool Time: Caring for Garden Tools


Proper tool maintenance will ensure years of use from the equipment that has served you so well.

Garden Tool: The Camera

Garden Calendar

Photos of this year's flowers and vegetables can help you plan for next season.