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Planet Natural’s go-to guide for growing herbs — indoors and outdoors — at home. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

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There’s few things more rewarding than growing your own food​, and seasoning that food with fresh, homegrown herbs — priceless! The important thing to remember about herb gardening is that it’s relatively easy. Plants thrive indoors and outdoors providing you have plenty of sun (or lights!) and good draining soil. Herbs grow well in pots, have few pest problems, and add great beauty to our landscapes. They provide variety and flavor to any recipe in which they are used and are important in many ways.

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We all know and love herbs. Chances are that you’ve already used a product today that has an herbal ingredient. The soap you showered with this morning used lavender for its scent. The organic wool sweater that you’re wearing may have been dyed using herbs. The aspirin you took after lunch is derived from a plant and some experts say that more than 25 percent of drugs currently on the market contain plant extracts. Tonight, when you sit down to your roast beef dinner, your carrots will be graced by tarragon and your potatoes adorned with rosemary. Herbs make everything smell, taste and feel better.

Curious how herbs heal and make us feel better? Plants, in general, produce chemical compounds as part of their normal metabolic activities. These compounds can be divided into primary metabolites — such as sugars and fats — and secondary metabolites, which are mainly found in herbs. These secondary metabolites protect herbs from insects and disease and tend to have medicinal properties for humans (see Herbal Medicine).

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So what is an herb anyway? It’s a plant that doesn’t have a woody stem and it dies back to the ground each winter leaving only its root system alive.

For the record, there is a difference between herbs and spices. Herbs are usually fresh or dried leaves while spices are the seeds, roots, fruits, flowers or bark. Herbs tend to have a milder flavor, while spices tend to be stronger and more pungent.


  1. Herbs are “designed” to repel pests making them “low-maintenance.”
  2. Fresh herbs that you’ve grown are more flavorful than the dried herbs you can buy at the supermarket.
  3. There’s a large number of interesting and flavorful varieties to choose from.
  4. Most are easy to grow and require organic fertilizers in relatively small amounts.
  5. Herbs add color, fragrance and beauty to the landscape. Click here to visit the U.S. National Arboretum located in Washington, D.C.
  6. They require little space and can be grown indoors, in fact, some herbs prefer the indoors.
  7. They can improve your health.
  8. They taste good and jazz up your meals.
  9. Planted in pots they are an attractive and aromatic addition to balconies, patios and windowsills.
  10. Their fragrance can make you smell good.

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