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Ventilation & Ducting

Proper ventilation is a must for indoor gardens of any size. Why?

• Refreshes stale air, brings in needed carbon dioxide
• Regulates heat and humidity
• Controls dust and mold
• Reduces odors

Make sure the air circulation in your grow room is adequate by choosing the proper equipment from our wide selection of dependable inline fans, blowers, air ducting and connectors, thermostats and the necessary hardware to make your plants cool and happy at all times.

  • ActiveAir In-Line Fan

    Duct Fan

    For inline ventilation, it doesn’t get any better than ActiveAir duct fans.

    $104.95 $78.95
  • Air Ducting

    Air Ducting

    Air-tight, easy to install and extremely durable (resists tearing and punctures).

  • Aluminum Duct Tape 1

    Aluminum Tape

    Ideal for repairing ductwork, taping joints and sealing out moisture.

  • Backdraft Dampers 1

    Backdraft Damper

    Prevents air from reverse flowing through the exhaust fan when it is powered off.

    $21.95 $16.95
  • Active Air Blowers 1


    These quiet industrial quality blowers come flanged for easy installation.

  • Booster Fans 1

    Booster Fans

    Quiet and energy efficient, Booster Fans can be mounted within your existing …

  • The Original Can-Fan 1


    Provides the power and flexibility needed for residential and commercial applications.

    $186.95 $142.50
  • Clip-On Fan 1

    Clip-On Fan

    Use just about anywhere to strengthen plant stems and improve air circulation.

    $34.95 $25.95
  • Dayton Blowers


    Designed for serious exhausting or cooling of stale indoor garden air.

  • Duct Clamps

    Duct Clamps

    Easy to use, just adjust with a screwdriver for a secure fit. Sold in packs of two.

  • Heat Shield Duct Covers

    Duct Covers

    Heat Shield Duct Covers insulate your existing duct work against the heat your …

  • Duct Reducers 1

    Duct Reducers

    Ideal for mismatched fans, ducting, air-cooled reflectors and ventilation systems.

  • Fan Speed Adjuster

    Fan Adjuster

    Works with most centrifugal fans on the market and will prevent damage to …

    $27.95 $24.50
  • Day-Night Fan Speed Controller (VSC-DNe)

    Fan Controller (VSC-DNe)

    Designed to gradually increase or decrease the speed of centrifugal fans.

  • Max-Fan Series 1

    Max Fan

    Ideal for medium to high static pressure and delivers smooth, straight air flow.

    $197.95 $156.50
  • Pedestal Fan

    Pedestal Fan

    Commercial-grade to cool off large rooms and growing spaces quickly!

  • Plug-In Thermostat

    Plug-In Thermostat

    Provides automatic ON/ OFF control for in-line duct fans, louvers, heat lamps …

    $37.95 $36.50
  • Vortex Inline Fans

    Vortex Powerfan

    A powerful duct blower that features superior steel construction and an attractive …

    $168.95 $159.95
  • Wall Mount Fan 1

    Wall Fans

    Produces plenty of air movement to cool rooms, strengthen plant stems and …

    $84.95 $76.50
  • Y Connectors

    Y Connectors

    Heavy-duty construction is built to last and comes pre-crimped for easy …