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Systems & Kits

Gardening year-round can be an efficient, clean and rewarding enterprise with a self-contained hydroponic system. Our indoor grow kits are the best available and ship complete with everything you need to get started, including trays, pumps, instructions, nutrients, timers and growing media — everything but plants! Simply choose the size and style you want and get ready to enjoy fresh, homegrown vegetables and herbs… year round!

  • Emily's Garden System

    Emily’s Garden

    Grow beautiful flowers, herbs and vegetables together in Emily’s Garden!

    $104.95 $89.95
  • WaterFarm Complete


    One of our best hydroponic systems for growing large plants in a small space.

    $65.95 $59.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 18

    Looking for an aeroponic garden with a proven track record? Well, here it is!

    $429.00 $389.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 20

    Delivers a super-oxygenated, nutrient-rich mist to your plant’s roots.

    $421.95 $344.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 30

    A compact setup that’s perfect for growing greens, vegetables, berries and flowers.

    $559.95 $514.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 36

    Available with a 40-gallon reservoir and SIX 4 ft. growing chambers – 6 sites each.

    $937.95 $759.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 60

    Available with a 40-gallon reservoir and SIX 6 ft. growing chambers – 10 sites each.

    $1,173.50 $949.95
  • Aerojet Aeroponics Hydrogarden 1

    Aerojet Hydrogarden

    Perfect for indoor gardeners with busy lifestyles or limited growing space.

    $802.50 $604.95
  • Eco Growing System

    Eco Grow (6-Pack)

    Use indoors or out to grow beautiful tomatoes, healthy herbs and vegetables.

    $99.95 $74.95
  • EcoGrower Hydroponic System 1

    EcoGrower Max

    The EcoGrower Max uses an air driven “spider” drip design with 6-inch net pots.

    $233.95 $189.95
  • EuroGrower Drip System


    A simple and compact setup that’s the perfect garden for a one light operation.

    $616.50 $499.95
  • Active Aqua Grow Flow Kit

    Grow Flow (12 site, 2 gal.)

    Potting up small plants doesn’t mean losing control of watering and nutrition.

    $499.95 $419.95
  • Active Aqua Grow Flow Hydro Kit

    Grow Flow (12 site, 5 gal.)

    The most efficient ebb and flow 12-site hydro kit on the market today.

    $599.95 $504.95
  • MegaFarm Drip System


    Includes a heavy-duty 20-gallon grow chamber that sits on top of a large reservoir.

    $386.95 $314.95
  • Megagarden Hydroponic System


    Get the convenience of an ebb and flow hydro-setup in a 2 ft. x 2 ft. growing space.

    $179.95 $144.95
  • MicroGarden Hydroponic System


    Successfully grow up to 8 plants with this fully automated machine.

    $263.95 $214.95
  • Root Spa Bucket System

    Root Spa

    Your larger plants will love this easy-to-use deep water culture setup.

    $34.95 $31.95
  • Root Spa Bucket System

    Root Spa, 8-Pack

    The Root Spa gets rave reviews from users for big results and simple use.

    $199.95 $169.95
  • TurboGarden Hydroponic System


    Experience impressive growth and huge yields from a compact 2 ft. x 3 ft. space.

    $366.95 $299.95
  • WaterFarm 8-Pack Hydroponic System

    WaterFarm, 8-Pack

    Includes EIGHT WaterFarm modules all connected together to one controller.

    $514.95 $449.95