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Dog & Cat Toys

Play! It’s important for your pet’s health and well-being. Encourage exercise and good behavior with the best pet toys online made of eco-friendly, recycled materials and tested for harmful substances. Does your dog like to graze? We’ve got extra healthy, organic barley grass to bring goodness to its diet. Cats? Organic catnip leaf and seed to grow your own, all right here.

  • Zisc Dog Frisbee


    Easily the best fetch toy! Gentle on teeth and jaws, yet doesn’t skimp on durability.

  • Hurley Dog Toy


    The best of a ball, bone and stick all wrapped up into one incredibly buoyant plaything.

  • Būmi Tug Toy


    Throw it! Catch it! Būmi is a flexible tug-and-play item that will become a favorite.

  • Catgrass

    A special treat that serves as a natural detoxifier, deodorizer and mild antibiotic.

  • Catnip

    A member of the mint family, catnip has long been grown for its euphoric effect. Organic.

  • Organic Catnip

    Catnip Leaf

    Always fresh and milled with only the finest leaves and flowers — NO stems!

  • Rocky Mountain High (Catnip Sack)

    Catnip Sack

    Contains a generous amount of 100% premium USDA certified organic catnip.

  • Dog Grass

    Easy to grow, organic barley grass serves as a natural detoxifier and deodorizer.

  • Eco Bone

    These handcrafted Eco Bones are sewn with extra care to keep tails wagging.

  • Eco Fish Cat Toy

    Eco Fish

    Made in Montana from recycled soda pop bottles and filled with organic catnip.

  • Jive Dog Ball


    Zogoflex Jive is the perfect floating ball – fun, bright, bouncy and BPA-free.