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Container Gardens

Gardening and the Five-Gallon Bucket

Container Gardens

Chores, container gardens, hydroponics and other uses for 5 gallon buckets.

Coconut Coir or Sphagnum Peat Moss?

Compost & Soil

Coir, the popular hydroponic growing medium, rivals peat as an effective soil conditioner. Here's the comparison.

Contaminated Potting Soil and Compost

Bugs & Thugs

Bagged soils can contain herbicides, gnats and other unsavory problems.

The Art of Outdoor Container Growing

Container Gardens

Choosing pots, plants and places to create beautiful landscapes with containers.

Overwintering Plants Indoors

Container Gardens

To keep potted plants alive through the winter, know your plants, know your conditions. Friends that read this blog are always ...

Overwintering Potted Plants

Container Gardens

Techniques to protect plants in pots from cold and freezing weather.

Enjoy Fresh Herbs Year Round

Container Gardens

Growing basil and other herbs, in pots, inside, for kitchen use.

Plant Bulbs In Containers for Spring Flowers

Container Gardens

Fall is the time to set lilies and other bulb plants in pots for indoor and outdoor blossoms. Among spring's greatest ...

Lovin' Daisies

Container Gardens

How to grow all kinds of daisies in the garden or in pots. "She loves me... she loves me not." Whichever ...

Container Gardening 101

Container Gardens

Tips and techniques for gardening in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes.

Container Gardening Tips

Container Gardens

Whether you're new to planting in pots or a seasoned expert, our collection of 25 container gardening tips should help. Enjoy!

Container Gardens with Altitude

Container Gardens

Limited on growing space? If so, consider vertical vegetable gardening in pots.

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