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Urban Gardens

We’re turning concrete jungles into food-producing powerhouses!

City dwellers may not have 5 acres and a mule, but new technology and techniques are helping them grow fresh food in downtown locations. Check out our guides for tips on using walls, roofs and overlooked spaces to grow greens and herbs now!

Kitchen Garden Planner

Garden Design

How to grow greens and other vegetables right outside your back door.

Old Malls Grow Green


Roof-top farms and greenhouse gardens help reclaim agricultural land from urban sprawl.

Horticulture Programs: Good Grows Here


The popularity of urban farming, garden therapy, and organic produce means more jobs and education.

Plants On Walls


Described as self sufficient vertical gardens, living walls are gaining in popularity and their benefits are many.

Seed Bombs: Fighting the Filth


The guerrilla gardening movement has blossomed as it's moved from the underground into the light of day.

Green Roofs Sprout Over U.S. Cities


Interest in green roofs (pun warning) continues to grow, especially in urban centers.