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You don’t need to resort to chemical warfare.

Eradicating weeds with natural solutions is healthier for the planet and your family. Read about the great strategies and tools we’ve found to help knock back these unwanted interlopers.

What Do Ladybugs Eat? Complete Guide to Ladybug Diet

Beneficial Insects

You may be wondering “what do ladybugs eat?” Ladybugs feed on a wide variety of small insects and insect eggs. ...

How to Get Rid of Dandelions (Tried and Tested Methods)

Healthy Lawns

Yes, it is possible to get rid of dandelions without using toxic sprays. Here's how.

Roundup Linked To Cancer, Monsanto Throws Hissy-Fit


World Health Organization review of pesticide used on GMOs attacked.

World Health Organization Links Roundup and Cancer


New glyphosate review finds it a probable cause of lymphoma, chromosome damage.

Dandelion Greens


How to grow bitter herbs -- dandelion, milk thistle, goldenseal, and more -- organically.

GMO Pesticide "Enlist Duo" Moves Forward, Hawaiian GMO Ban Stopped

Food Safety

Dupont doubles down on spray resistant super weeds.

Controlling Weeds By Design

Landscape Design

Defeat unwanted plants in your landscape by planning ahead.

Herbicide Found In Mother's Milk

Pest Control

Does America's most-used weed killer endanger infants?

Dangerous Herbicide, Dangerous Business


Researchers looking into atrazine targeted by its maker.

Cover Crops? Smother Crops!

Compost & Soil

Planting green manures to manage weeds eliminates the need for risky herbicides.

Is Monsanto's Roundup Killing Our Soil?

Compost & Soil

Our most widely used herbicide is draining the life from the earth.

Declare War On Weeds Now


How to keep weeds and invasive plants out of your organic vegetable garden.