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Nutrient Additives

Want to get your indoor garden — soil or hydroponics — off to a great start? Have a need for a particular plant supplement to address a certain problem? We carry an array of nutrient additives that are perfect for plants at any stage of their growth cycle, as well as specific formulas for treating deficiencies and other special situations.

  • Aptus FaSilitor

    FaSilitor (0-0-0.6)

    Results are often dramatic, but rest assured, this product is completely natural.

    $144.00 $111.95
  • Micronutrient Fertilizer

    Micronutrient (2-0-1)

    Give deficient plants a hefty boost with one complete and concentrated blend.

    $16.95 $14.95
  • Rock Absorbalight


    Improves your favorite crops response to costly artificial plant lighting.

    $69.95 $52.95
  • Advanced Meta-Boost

    Advanced MetaBoost

    A rich seaweed derived plant bio-stimulant that contains cytokines and auxins.

    $69.95 $59.95
  • Algen Extract

    Algen Extract

    A superb and very concentrated solution of Norwegian sea kelp.

    $35.95 $29.95
  • Soul Synthetics Amino Aide

    Amino Aide

    A complex amino acid blend formulated to increase plant vigor and yields.

    $49.95 $37.95
  • Amino Treatment

    Amino Treatment

    Amino acids help produce lush, green crops with improved plant vigor.

    $71.95 $59.95
  • B-52 Fertilizer Booster

    B-52 Fertilizer Booster

    Ideal for hydroponics and soil, B-52 should be used from seed or cutting to harvest.

    $51.95 $39.95
  • B'Cuzz Growth Stimulator

    B’Cuzz Growth

    Contains micronutrients, bacteria, amino acids and proteins for healthy growth.

    $46.95 $39.95
  • Age Old Ca-Libur 20

    Ca-Libur 20

    A high quality formula used for the correction of calcium deficiencies.

    $15.95 $12.50
  • CalCarb Foliar Nutrient

    Cal Carb

    Calcium (Ca) is proven to strengthen cell walls in ALL plants.

    $33.95 $25.95
  • Cal-Mag Plus

    Cal-Mag Plus

    Use to correct most calcium, magnesium and iron deficiencies in plants.

    $19.50 $15.50
  • Liquid Calcium Fertilizer

    Calcium 5%

    An easy-to-use concentrate that plays many important roles in plant growth.

    $17.95 $15.95
  • CALiMAGic


    A concentrated blend of readily available calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg).

    $16.50 $12.50
  • General Organics CaMg+


    Helps optimize plant nutrition resulting in enhanced growth and healthier flowers.

    $17.95 $13.95
  • Dark Energy Nutrient

    Dark Energy

    A select blend of L-amino acids specifically chosen for their effects on plant growth.

    $29.95 $26.95
  • Ecozen

    Ecozen (0.05-0-0.02)

    Maintains cleaner growing media, saving time, money and materials.

    $42.00 $32.95
  • Roots Organics Elemental


    Designed to address calcium and magnesium deficiencies in fast growing plants.

    $23.95 $17.95
  • FloraBlend Vegan Compost Tea


    Made from a select blend of plant materials plus seaweed and rock powders.

    $11.95 $9.50
  • Floralicious Plus

    Floralicious Plus

    Use with your fertilizer program to promote incredible flavor and enormous yields.

    $21.95 $16.95
  • HEAVY 16 Foliar

    HEAVY Foliar

    Use to positively effect plant metabolic rates, tissue integrity and yields.

    $49.95 $38.95
  • Hydroguard Root Inoculant


    A liquid bacteria used to maintain a healthy, disease-free growing environment.

    $30.95 $23.95
  • Soul Synthetics Infinity


    Formulated to increase vigor and prevent deficiencies in fast-growing plants.

    $28.95 $20.95
  • Liquid Karma

    Liquid Karma

    Use to produce synchronized and accelerated growth under ALL conditions.

    $28.95 $22.50
  • Mag Amped 1

    Mag Amped

    A pure magnesium chelate used to help plants produce chlorophyll in low light.

    $174.95 $96.00
  • MagiCal


    Used by growers that require bolstered levels of magnesium and/ or calcium.

    $21.00 $15.95
  • MassBoost

    MassBoost (5-0-0)

    A residue-free formula that provides calcium and magnesium for fruiting plants.

    $50.00 $38.95
  • Microbial Munch

    Microbial Munch

    Provides a perfectly balanced smorgasbord for your beneficial microbes.

    $29.95 $22.50
  • MM 2000

    MM 2000

    A stress relieving supplement designed to promote better plant health and growth.

    $19.95 $11.95
  • Multi Zen

    Multi Zen

    Improves the breakdown and delivery of nutrients making them more available.

    $45.95 $37.95
  • Nitrozime Marine Algae Extract


    Try some today! Your plants will thank you in ways you'll be eager to show off.

    $34.95 $26.95
  • Pro Silicate

    Pro Silicate

    A potassium silicate solution used to provide potassium as an essential element.

    $14.95 $9.95
  • Pro-TeKt


    Supplies potassium and silicon to help plants build stronger, healthier cell walls.

    $8.50 $6.95
  • Age Old Promote

    Promote (4-0-1)

    A proprietary blend of minerals, humates, seaweed extract and wetting agents.

    $15.95 $11.95
  • Botanicare Pure Blend Tea

    Pure Blend Tea

    A 100% water soluble plant booster that’s derived from all natural goodness.

    $13.95 $10.95
  • Purple Maxx

    Purple Maxx

    Use to encourage plants to “stack” their flowering sites closer together.

    $29.95 $26.50
  • Revive Crop Protection


    The perfect crop repair formula for times when your plants are suffering.

    $39.50 $30.50
  • Rhino Skin (Potassium Silicate)

    Rhino Skin (Potassium Silicate)

    Provides additional silica to strengthen plant’s stems, leaves and floral structures.

    $35.50 $27.50
  • Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra

    Sensi Cal Mag Xtra

    Contains the added calcium, magnesium and iron your crops need to thrive.

    $19.95 $15.50
  • Silica Blast

    Silica Blast

    Strengthens plant tissue to help them flourish in adverse environmental conditions.

    $17.95 $13.95
  • Snow Storm Ultra

    Snow Storm Ultra

    Contains potassium (3%) to increase essential oil production in healthy plants.

    $16.50 $14.50
  • Solar Green Power

    Solar Green Power

    Contains silicic acid — the purest most soluble basic form of silica on the market!

    $44.95 $39.95
  • SuperNova Plant Nutrient

    Super Nova

    This enhanced seaweed “bio-blend” will improve the performance of any plant.

    $26.95 $24.50
  • SUPERthrive - Vitamins & Hormones


    Used by growers for decades… Why? Because it helps everything grow better!

    $11.95 $9.95
  • Thrive Alive B-1 (Red)

    Thrive Alive – Red

    Use to stimulate vegetative growth and ensure the success of flowering crops.

    $39.95 $29.50
  • Roots Organics Trinity


    Specially designed for maximum effect as a plant and rhizosphere catalyst.

    $26.95 $19.95
  • VitaMax Plus

    VitaMax Plus

    Formulated to improve plant growth and encourage larger blooms, fruits and flowers.

    $23.50 $16.95
  • Vitamino Vitamin Supplement


    Use in hydroponics, coir or soil applications to achieve maximum results.

    $28.95 $22.50