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Trees & Shrubs

Need shade? A hedge? A tall, flowering display in your front yard? A small orchard to enjoy?

Growing trees and shrubs can give you all that and more. Check out our guides to choose the perfect types for your soil and climate. We’ll even teach you how to prune and nourish your plantings all year long.

Banana Tree: How to Plant, Grow and Care for Banana Tree Plant


Banana tree comes in many different species and varieties that fall into the Musa spp. Even though these plants are ...

How to Plant, Grow & Care for Ficus Tree (Indoors + Outdoors)


The Ficus tree, with its lush green leaves and twisting branches, is a captivating houseplant found in various regions around ...

How to Plant, Grow & Care for Mulberry Tree - Full Guide - 2023


Mulberry trees are often overlooked in the realm of fruit-bearing trees, but their delectable mulberry fruit is a hidden gem ...

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Mimosa Tree - Full Guide - 2023


The mimosa tree, also known as the Persian Silk Tree, is a stunning and exotic plant that has captivated the ...

How to Grow and Care for Eucalyptus Plant (Indoors + Outdoors)


Eucalyptus plants have silvery blue-green leaves that give the plant's distinct 'menthol' fragrance when bruised. This evergreen tree can grow ...

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)


There's something truly magical about witnessing a butterfly bush in full bloom, its elongated clusters of vibrant flowers swaying gently ...

Complete Guide to Plant, Grow, and Care for a Sycamore Tree


The majestic American Sycamore Tree is the largest deciduous tree in North America, growing to a height of around 75 ...

Birch Tree: How to Grow + 11 Most Common of Birch Trees


The birch tree is a member of the Betulaceae plant family and belongs to the genus Betula. They are small ...

Dogwood Tree: Care, Planting, History, and Common Types


Dogwood trees make an excellent landscape choice for all four seasons. They're available in an extensive range of colors, sizes, ...

How to Grow and Care for Ponytail Palm (Indoors + Outdoors)


The ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is a rather intriguing houseplant, considering that it can grow to be a full-size tree ...

Ash Tree Guide: What Is It + 15 Common Species of Ash Trees


The ash tree belongs to the olive (Oleaceae) family of woody plants and is classified under the Fraxinus genus. It ...

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Plumeria Plants

Flower Guides

Plumeria is a genus of flowering plants indigenous to tropical and subtropical regions, including Southeast Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, ...