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Trees & Shrubs

Growing Holly for the Holidays


Find the right kind of holly for your landscape and grow it! We love the ever-green, natural plants associated with the ...

Planting A Bare Root Fruit Tree

Fruits & Berries

Tips on planting apple, plum, pear, cherry and other popular fruit trees from bare-root stock.

Early Season Fruit Thinning

Fruits & Berries

Thinning emerging apples, peaches and other fruits early in the season improves size, quality and future blooming.

Springtime Care of Roses

Garden Calendar

Pruning and fertilizing of rose bushes rewards with rich, sumptuous blooms.

Tips for Planting A Bare Root Tree

Fruits & Berries

The advantages of buying -- and when to plant -- bare root trees and shrubs.

Conifers In the Winter Landscape

Garden Calendar

Growing evergreens takes planning, care ... and water. Our latest cold snap here in Bozeman is breaking and the forecast says ...

Your Grandfather's Apples


Heirloom apple trees yield treasures from the past. This time of the year, when cider presses across the country are squeezing ...

Taking Care of Fruit Trees... Organically

Fruits & Berries

A comprehensive guide to fruit and nut tree problems for organic growers.

Last Call for Planting Fruit Trees

Fruits & Berries

Apple, peach, cherry, plums and others planted now can provide a lifetime of rewards. In a practice -- raising one's own ...

Ornamental Berries for the Holidays

Garden Calendar

Red holly and ornamental berries of all hues bring color to winter gardens. Almost any holiday display with trees or pine ...

Starting An Orchard: Plan Ahead


Fall's the time to consider planting fruit trees in the spring. The onset of winter weather signals the beginning of one ...

Landscape Plants For Year-Round Beauty

Landscape Design

Choosing the best plants, flowers for garden beds and borders. Graham Rice has given us a new way to look at ...

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