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What’s the most essential element needed for healthy plants, lawns and landscapes? Deep, rich organic garden soil. But we haven’t met anyone who’s started with the perfect spot of earth right away.

Busting up clay, building up sand, and tweaking to get the pH level that plants adore takes time and preparation. Since each patch of ground is unique, there are no quick and simple answers. But we know what really works, using only natural amendments that hold on to nutrients and water. Read More

Start from the bottom up

Build on a strong foundation. With excellent air flow, water retention and storehouse of minerals underground, you’ll see dense, complex root growth that will help your plants withstand wind and drought. Your plants won’t have to work hard to find what they need.

Feed your plants at the roots – right where they need it. By adding amendments like compost, greensand or kelp meal directly into the soil, energy can be channeled into strong growth.

Ditch chemical fertilizers that are more likely to be washed into groundwater and local streams than help your plants. Instead, choose ingredients that come from the earth, packed full of vital micronutrients that will stick around long after the first rain of the season.

Check your pH. There’s an acid-basic sweet spot that allows plants to access all the nutrition they can find. A simple test will show if your plot is in that range, and we can help suggest amendments if it needs improvement.

If you’re looking for the fastest ticket to a lush garden, start at ground level. You’ll produce healthy, disease-resistant plants year after year.

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