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Garden Design

Raised Bed Gardening 101

Garden Design

Tips and techniques for high-yield, raised bed vegetable gardens.

Get Started With Aquaponics

Garden Design

Growing vegetables and raising fish in a sustainable garden system.

Rain Garden Design


Learn how to design environmentally friendly, water-efficient gardens using natural rainfall.

Take Action To Save Pollinators

Beneficial Insects

Plants that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden can help save them.

Starting a Strawberry Patch

Fruits & Berries

Growing a strawberry patch takes good soil and advanced planning.

Start an Organic Asparagus Patch

Garden Calendar

Nothing says spring like steamed, green spears of organic garden asparagus. When I was a kid, we had an asparagus bed out ...

Succession Planting Increases Small Garden Production

Garden Design

How to maximize crop yields from small space vegetable gardens. At different times in our gardening life, small plots have forced ...

Make Soil For Your Raised Beds

Compost & Soil

Straw bale gardening and other tips to build the best soil for your raised beds.

Plant A Winter Garden Patch

Garden Calendar

Take advantage of warm winter weather to sow kale, spinach, and other greens for early spring harvest. Here's how. Our far-flung ...

Planning A Kitchen Garden

Garden Design

How to grow greens and other vegetables right outside your back door.

Designing A Flower Bed

Flower Gardens

What to consider when planning borders and flower garden designs. Considering my outdoor landscape and making some changes wasn't an official ...

The Art of Outdoor Container Growing

Container Gardens

Choosing pots, plants and places to create beautiful landscapes with containers.

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