Hobo Spider

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Effective on ALL venomous spiders! The Victor Poison-Free Hobo Spider Trap is a pre-baited sticky glue board with a lock-tab tent to hide crawling insects from direct view. Captures hobo spiders, a deadly insect in the Pacific Northwest. NO setting or baiting required. Contains NO poisons.

Available size: 4-Pack


Step 1: Slowly release paper.

Step 2: Fold into “tent” or use as a flat glue board by folding lengthwise along perforation.

Step 3: Place against wall.

Step 4: Toss the entire contents in the trash when full.

Pest Identification:
Hobo spider adults (2/3″ to 2″ leg-span) are brown in color and have multiple chevron patterns on their abdomen. They live in a flat, funnel web and are often found between bricks, in crawl spaces and around out buildings. Bites are non-lethal to healthy adults.

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