Cold Climate Gardening

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Hearty gardeners have figured out how to squeeze a few extra weeks out of the growing season. Glean all of the best wisdom in Cold-Climate Gardening: How to Extend Your Growing Season by at Least 30 Days (2nd edition) by Lewis Hill. Use the shoulder seasons to start crops early or ripen long-season crops that no one in your area could imagine harvesting! You’ll find tips on short-season plant varieties, working with microclimates and prepping the soil for early planting. The author gardens in Vermont, so the information is utterly reliable. Paperback, 308 pp.

You’ll read about:
• Protecting crops from cold temps and wind
• Finding the hardiest species
• Choosing edibles that love cool weather
• Structures that work — and last!
• Starting seeds
• Seed and nursery resources

“… a joy as entertainment as well as a wealth of advice on gardening in the frigid zones.” – Publishers Weekly