Botany for Gardeners

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Plants are more than beautiful specimens! Botany for Gardeners (3rd edition) by Brian Capon takes you into a plant’s inner workings for a thorough but concise botany introduction. This revised edition includes photos, drawings and even electron microscope images. Recommended as one of the best hands-on reference guides today! Paperback, 268 pp.

Topics include:
• Cell structure and growth
• How seeds germinate
• Root systems
• Herbaceous and woody stem development
• Edible plant characteristics
• Plant adaptations for protection against pests and diseases
• Osmosis and photosynthesis
• Managing overall plant development
• Flowering, fruiting and pollination
• Genetic engineering

“The language is straightforward, the concepts well presented and the information proffered in terms that will make sense to hands-on gardeners.” – Horticulture

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