Carrots Love Tomatoes

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Who knew plants could defend each other against pests and diseases? Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte uncovers the natural magic of companion planting. This ancient wisdom is backed up by modern science, which proves that certain plant combinations can enhance growth, ward off common plant enemies, and help nourish the soil. Paperback, 224 pages.

In this book you’ll discover:
• Which vegetables and plants provide the best protection for each other
• Plant combinations that should be avoided
• Sample garden plans
• How quickly or gradually you’ll see effects
• How to put wild plants and weeds to work for your garden
• Tips on creating a supportive environment for fruit trees and bushes
• Poisonous plants that should be avoided

“Plants that assist each other to grow well, plants that repel insects, even plants that repel other plants – all are of great practical use.” – Louise Riotte

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