Boric Acid

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Nature’s proven insecticide..! JT Eaton Boric Acid powder works to kill cockroaches, palmetto bugs, ants, silverfish, fleas and more. Effective against a variety of insects, but is no more toxic to humans and pets than table salt. Pointed applicator tip provides easy application.

• Ready-to-use with easy applicator
• Odorless, non-staining formula
• For use in homes, restaurants and other food handling establishments
• Long lasting protection against many crawling insects
• Works as a preventative treatment too!

Available size: One pound (16 oz) squeeze bottle

Apply around baseboards, under and behind refrigerators, stoves, sinks and dishwashers. Also, sprinkle into openings around drain pipes and electrical conduits, and in cracks and crevices along baseboards. Remove all lower drawers in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, then apply liberally in drawer wells. Reapply as necessary. Do NOT apply directly to pets.

Active Ingredients:
Orthoboric acid ….. 99.0%

Other Ingredients ….. 1.0%

Product Label – PDF
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – PDF

User’s Tip:
Borax is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as being among the safest and least toxic chemicals available to consumers. Visit the EPA’s Fact Sheet (PDF) to learn more.

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