The Secret Garden

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Inspired by the children’s literary classic, The Secret Garden, this beautiful gardening kit will fascinate children and parents alike. Packaged in a recycled steel case, each planting kit includes SIX varieties of easy-to-grow annual flowers (Russian mammoth sunflower, seashell cosmos, sweet alyssum, sparky marigold mix, pincushion flower and giant zinnia mix), growing directions, a garden plan and a key to help your child unlock the magic of their own secret garden.

• A gorgeous gift for any level of gardener!
• Contains ALL you need to get started
• Long-blooming annual flowers are easy to grow
• Design a one-of-a-kind garden that’s fun for the entire family!
• Made in the USA

User’s Tip:
Getting kids involved in gardening projects (prepping soil, planting seeds, caring for seedlings) brings great joy and a deeper connection to the natural world. It may even teach them important, life-long lessons without them even knowing it.