Skunk Odor Eliminator

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BLOWOUT SALE! Fast-acting formula works on pets and more! Simple Solution Skunk Odor Eliminator contains a natural beneficial bacteria and enzyme formula that rinses away foul skunk spray as well as other hard-to-remove odors such as common doggy odor. pH balanced and formulated for use on pets. Will not dry out pet skin. Super concentrated.

Available size: Pint (16 oz) Bottle — makes 3 quarts of diluted solution.


Pets: Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Apply the diluted product — 1 part with 5 parts warm water (1:5) — liberally while your pet is still wet. Let sit for ten or more minutes then rinse with warm water. Apply a second application without rinsing. Let your pet dry naturally.

Laundry: Apply directly onto item with odor and let sit for ten or more minutes. Wash as usual.

Surfaces: For color fastness, test on an inconspicuous area before using. Apply evenly onto affected surface and let dry naturally.

Ingredients: Purified water, natural bacteria and enzymes, nonionic surfactant blend, preservative and fragrance.

Helpful Hint:
If you have a difficult time removing the smell, rinse pet or surface with a mixture of equal amounts of white distilled vinegar and water. Let sit for 10 or more minutes then retreat with product following the directions above.

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