Recycled Weed Block

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BLOWOUT SALE! Made from 100% recycled plastic. Each roll of Easy Gardener Weed Block keeps TEN 2-liter soda bottles out of a landfill. Helps preserve our natural resources and blocks out weeds for years… without synthetic chemicals!

Similar to other landscape fabrics, Weed Block stops unwanted vegetation while allowing air, water and nutrients to pass through to the soil. Perfect for gardens, around trees and shrubs, landscaped beds and under decks.

• Made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles
• Stops weeds for years — without chemicals!
• Conserves moisture while letting air, water and fertilizer pass to the soil
• Reduces dependence on oil, toxic air emissions and energy consumption
• Durable & tear-resistant — will NOT rot or mildew!
• Easy to install and suitable for permanent applications

Size: 3′ x 36′ Roll


Step 1: Remove weeds and grasses from planting area. Rake smooth.

Step 2: Unroll fabric and overlap sections by 2″ to 3″. Secure with Bio Fabric Pegs.

Step 3: Cut X’s as needed for existing and new plants to pass through.

Step 4: Cover with 2-inches of bark or stone mulch for longer life.

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