Bio Fabric Pegs

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Just say NO to plastic and metal garden stakes! Easy Gardener Bio Fabric Pegs are made from a renewable corn by-product that’s commercially compostable and 100% biodegradable. Strong enough to drive into the ground, yet flexible enough to resist shattering. They’re perfect for landscape fabrics, burlap, weed block and nettings.

• Made from PLA, a NEW bio-based material derived from corn
• Environmentally friendly — breaks down over time!
• Long lasting to secure ANY garden fabric
• Strong enough to drive into the ground — flexible enough to resist shattering
• Clear finish will NOT detract from landscaped areas

Available size: 10-Pack, 4-1/2″ long.

Install fabric or netting as directed by the manufacturer. Secure fabric with Bio FabricPegs spaced 2 to 4-feet apart. Press pegs firmly into the soil. In hard or rocky soil, use car when forcing or hammering pegs.

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