Herbal Armor

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Works great… without chemicals! All Terrain Herbal Armor Insect Repellent is a patented, time release formula that delivers maximum protection from biting insects. Works against mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, flies and other pesky insects for up to 4 hours.

• 100% DEET-Free (contains NO DEET)
• Clinically tested and proven effective
– 100% effective for two hours
– 95.8% effective for three hours
• Over 20% active ingredients for maximum power
• Sweat and water resistant; non-greasy
• Will NOT damage or fade fabric and equipment

Available size: 4 oz Pump

Active Ingredients:
Oil of Citronella ….. 10.0%
Oil of Soybean ….. 5.6%
Oil of Peppermint ….. 2.0%
Oil of Cedar ….. 1.5%
Oil of Lemongrass ….. 1.0%
Oil of Geranium ….. 0.05%

Inert Ingredients ….. 79.85%

“Deer flies, mosquitoes, everything stayed away.” – New York Times, 07/27/2006

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