Restore (Plant-Based)

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A local favorite! Restore All Purpose Cleaner works well on water-safe surfaces including floors, walls, sealed wood, stone and windows. Safe for septic tanks, too! Leaves no residue, so rinsing is not needed.

• Rapidly biodegradable ingredients are gray water, sewer and septic safe
• Contains NO OSHA-listed hazardous ingredients or known carcinogens
NO animal testing
• Super concentrated
• Made in the USA

Available size: Quart (32 oz)


Glass & Light Duty: Use 1 oz per gallon, 1/4 oz per quart (more will cause streaking on glass).

General: Use 2-4 oz per gallon, 1/2 oz per quart.

Heavy Duty: Use 10 oz per gallon, 3 oz per quart.

Super Heavy Duty: Use full strength if necessary.

Ingredients: Made from renewable plant-based surfactants (from soy, coconut, palm kernel oil, or corn), plant based solvents (from soy and/or orange rind oil), citric acid (from corn), abundant minerals and water.

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