Leafminer Parasite (Miglyphus®)

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Diglyphus isaea – Leafminer Parasites are tiny beneficial insects that kill leafminer larva in the mine and lay an egg in it. The egg develops into a parasitic wasp inside the mine (but outside the leafminer) using the dead larva as food. The parasite is shipped in units of 500 adults which after release target leafminers in all larval stages. D. isaea adults are 2 – 3 mm long, metallic green, with short antennae. The other stages are not seen as they are in the mine of the leafminer. Two weeks after introduction it is possible to see parasitization by short or stopped mines containing dead larva. The pupae of the parasite can be seen by holding the leaf up to the light.

Available size: 500/ bottle

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Leafminer Parasites can be stored for 1 – 2 days after receipt at 47 – 50˚F with the bottles standing in the dark. Release the leafminer parasite in the morning or evening between the leaves on the plants. Each 100 ml bottle (500 adults) will treat 5,000-20,000 square feet, depending on pest levels.

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