First Response

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First Response Bed Bug Trap
First Response Bed Bug Trap

If you’ve had these nasty little critters, you want to make sure they’re totally and completely gone. SpringStar’s BioCare First Response Bed Bug Trap is a long-term monitoring device that gives you the first alert if you have another infestation. Using heat, pheromones and carbon dioxide, the trap lures in bedbugs and catches them on a sticky pad.

• No toxic chemicals or pesticides to harm children or pets
• Know immediately if treatment was effective
• Reusable, safe and effective!

Includes 1 reusable trap with bait, lure and capture pads. Refill kit (see drop-down menu) includes a replacement sticky pad, carbon dioxide emitter and pheromone lure.

User’s Tip:
Wait until 2 weeks after treatment to place trap, then replace sticky pad, emitter and pheremone lure every 3-4 weeks for maximum protection.

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