Worm Farm (4 Tray)

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Put nature’s soil engineers to work for you! Sunleaves Worm Farm is a 4-tier compost bin that automatically separates food scraps from finished castings. Redworms work in one tray at a time, producing castings as they migrate up to the upper trays. The bottom collection tray includes a handy spigot to dispense “worm tea,” a wonderful liquid fertilizer for your houseplants or garden.

The Worm Farm can be used indoors or out (temperatures must remain between 55-85°F) and includes complete instructions and composting tips. Approximately 1,000 Red Wigglers and bedding material (shredded paper) are all that is required to get started.

• Separates table scraps from finished castings
• Maximum ventilation for quick vermicomposting results
• Accommodates up to 8,000 redworms (6-8 lbs of food per week)
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
• A spigot on the bottom tray makes it easy to harvest liquid vermicompost
• Compact design fits most basements, backyards and balconies

Size: 16″ square x 24″ tall

Owner’s Manual (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
Redworms prefer a pH range between 6 and 8, although 7 (neutral) is ideal. The presence of thread-like white worms (entrachyadids) in vermicompost indicates that the pH level of the system is too low (below 6). To raise pH, add small amounts of high carbon materials (paper, cardboard, sawdust), eggshells, oyster shell or calcium carbonate. NEVER add hydrated lime.

Note: Entrachyadids are NOT harmful to worms and help break down organic materials.

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